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Subject: This article's purpose is to reference commonly used articles related to Outreach and Orum quickly. 


Getting Started with Outreach

This article is a great place to start when setting up your Outreach Orum integration! 


Skip Button (Outreach Specific)

This is a frequently used button for Outreach users, and this article explains when and how to use it. The skip button allows users to move sequenced call tasks to the next step in the sequence if they can't be completed or if the user wishes to not call the prospect.


How to Track Return Calls-Outreach + Orum Edition

While Orum allows for inbound calls, you may notice that you only see the call logged in call history, but not in Orum analytics. This article explains how to track these calls best in Outreach!


Outreach: Default View of Dispositions

This article explains a bit about how the order of dispositions in the dropdown menu is determined, and where you can edit them. 


Call task not completing in the CRM

While this article is for all CRM's, it is a very useful article, that helps to explain when Orum will NOT complete a task.



This article covers some of the ways you can filter your call list, please note the section regarding the timezone filter. 


Automatically Open LinkedIn and CRM's For Prospects

This article explains how to set up our auto-open features.


Disposition Settings and Automation

This article explains some of the different disposition settings, and automation available to users in Orum.


Managing Call Dispositions and Call Purposes

This article is from Outreach's knowledge base, and discusses how to edit dispositions, and their purposes!



This article discusses how to use Orum's teams feature in conjunction with Outreach.


Where are my call tasks?

This article discusses how to troubleshoot missing tasks.

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