Getting Started with HubSpot


HubSpot’s ecosystem of products enables businesses with everything their marketing, sales, content management, and customer service teams might need for success.

Orum’s official integration enables sales teams to add a sophisticated AI Dialer solution to boost their call productivity and efficiency. Call directly from contact lists, automatically log call activity, and receive detailed reporting to make data-driven decisions that will improve your team.

Connecting the HubSpot Integration

Depending on if you are a new or existing Orum user, you will configure the HubSpot integration in different ways. 

As a new user 

If this is your first time using Orum, you can set up your HubSpot connection in minutes. 

Simply log in to Orum via HubSpot and you'll be directed to the HubSpot login screen to enter your information. 


If you have multiple HubSpot instances you will need to choose which specific instance you want to connect to Orum. 

Success! You’ve linked your HubSpot and Orum accounts. Now, you will be directed back to Orum. Before we start dialing, we need to configure the Orum and HubSpot settings to sync the data correctly. 


As an existing user

This step is for account admins in Orum. 

If you already have an existing integration, you can use our multi-integration functionality to add HubSpot. 

To do this, simply log in to Orum using your current primary integration (Google/CSV, SFDC, etc). After, go to Settings to set up a new integration using this guide.  

After, you will be able to switch between integrations using the drop-down in the Dialer tab. 




Success! You’ve linked your HubSpot and Orum accounts. Now, you will be directed back to Orum. Before we start dialing, we need to configure the Orum and HubSpot settings to sync the data correctly. 

Configuring Settings 

These next steps are largely for Orum and HubSpot account admins and will need to be configured before your team starts dialing.


Permissions sets within HubSpot

This step is for HubSpot Super Admins, this will allow your team to use Orum to its full potential.

To start dialing, you will need to give specific permissions to users within your HubSpot account.

We recommend creating a custom permission set in HubSpot so you can easily assign in bulk instead of configuring user-by-user. 

As a Super Admin you will need to: 

  1. Add a custom permission set with the Orum permissions (captured below). Use an easily recognizable name like 'Orum User'.
  2. Assign this new permission set to the users or teams in your HubSpot account that will be using Orum.

Orum Permissions

Beyond the default user permissions, you will want to ensure the following permissions are set for specific categories primarily for the CRM, Marketing, and Sales hubs. 

Other categories like Service and Reports will not need to go beyond the default permissions. 

  • CRM
    • Contacts: View 'Everything' and Edit 'Owned only'
    • Companies: View 'Everything'  and Edit 'Owned only'  
    • Deals: View 'Owned only' 
    • Tickets: View 'Owned only' 
    • Tasks: View 'Everything' and Edit 'Owned only'  
    • Notes: View 'Owned only' 
    • Custom objects: view 'Everything', edit ' None', Delete 'None' 
    • Tools can be set to your own specific needs
  • Marketing
    • List: View should be check-marked to be 'on' 
  • Sales
    • Sales Access: Should be toggled to be 'on'. Depending on your HubSpot plan, your team can utilize more features like sequences and custom call outcomes (more on that later) 

After, you will be able to assign 


Display HubSpot fields for contacts 

Before dialing, we want to make sure we add HubSpot fields to let you and your team have information displayed when dialing prospects inside of Orum.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Under the Integrations sub-tab you will scroll down to ‘Default HubSpot fields for All Reps’. Right now in the side-menu this is labeled as ‘Default Call Disposition’
  3. Select which HubSpot fields you want to display (first name, last name, job title, company name, etc)


Sync HubSpot's call outcomes to Orum's dispositions

First, call outcomes and dispositions carry the same meaning. In the end, it is a way for reps to select what occurred at the end of the call to better aggregate data in the reporting and analytics. 

Orum will automatically sync call dispositions to HubSpot’s call outcomes but you will need to map those outcomes to the correct dispositions using the dropdown.

Most HubSpot plans come with default call outcomes (no answer, busy, failed, etc). If you are on HubSpot's Enterprise Sales Hub plan, you will be able to create custom call outcomes and sync those to Orum's dispositions as well.




Looking to improve your call dispositions? Reach out to your Account Executive to receive Orum’s recommended call dispositions.

Dialing using Orum

Now we are ready to start dialing inside of Orum! Depending on your HubSpot plan, you will be able to dial via two main methods. 

Please note: All Orum users are able to dial by 'all due call tasks' but since HubSpot's API restricts access to sequences we recommend this approach if your sales team is actively using that feature within HubSpot. 


Dialing by contact list

Contact lists are a marketing tool within HubSpot but depending on your plan will be the main way for you to call prospects. 

To call by contact lists inside of Orum, go to the Dialer tab and use the sidebar dropdown and choose a specific contact list you’d like to start dialing. 

This list should have been created in HubSpot first. 

At the end of each call, make sure to set a disposition to map to HubSpot's call outcomes and Orum will automatically log the call activity and save a recording depending on your account specifics. 

Dialing by all due call tasks (for sequence users)

Sequences are a paid feature within HubSpot available on their Professional Sales Hub tier. 

Unlike contact lists, sequences allow you to have multiple touchpoints with contacts using HubSpot's full suite of tools. 

In order to keep prospects in sequence, you will need to call contacts in Orum using the list 'All due call tasks' 

In the Dialer tab, use the sidebar dropdown to find the list for ‘All due call tasks’. By dialing this list, Orum will automatically complete those tasks, which will move prospects through the sequences set up in HubSpot

If you find yourself with an empty screen after completing a number of calls, simply refresh your browser and your next batch based on your active due call tasks will appear.




How to increase your dialing speed

Orum gives you the ability to use power and parallel dialing. With power, you can call one contact at a time. But if you are looking to increase your speed, try using our parallel dialer to dial up to 6 contacts at a time.

Accessing Call Recordings 

You can access call recordings in two places: 

  • In Orum, under 'Call History'. Learn more about specific call recording settings in Orum. 
  • In HubSpot by choosing a specific contact, then finding the call information under 'Activity' or 'Calls'

If you are choosing to find recordings via HubSpot, recordings will not be playable directly through the audio player. You will need to click on the external link next to the player. This will take you to the Orum recording in a separate tab. 



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