Why do I need a call forwarding number?

Subject: This article serves to explain why we recommend adding a call forwarding number in Orum.


We recommend setting a call forwarding for two primary reasons:

  1.  Return calls! You want your prospects to be able to call you back if you leave them a voicemail, or if they missed your call.
  2. Spam Flag Prevention! We have found that adding a call forwarding number 
    •  Carriers sometimes test to see if a number is real
    •  Prospects are more likely to report you as spam if your return number isn't real
    •  No inbound calls make the line look more suspect.
    • Having a valid call forwarding number set also closes the "loop" that most carriers and networks look for.  If a number actually rings when it is called back, the likelihood of spam flagging reduces.

For more information on call forwarding, and instruction's on how to set it up, please see This Article!

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