LinkedIn/CRM opens in same window as Orum

Subject: Users may sometimes encounter LinkedIn or their CRM opening in the same window as Orum, instead of a separate window. 


Troubleshooting Steps:

Be sure that your browser permissions are set to allow pop-ups and redirects. 

This can be done by:

-Clicking the lock icon in your web address bar Lock_icon.png

-Click site settings Site_Settings.png

- Set pop-ups and redirects to "Allow"


Alternate cause, and troubleshooting:

Example: Orum Auto-Opens LinkedIn, You close Orum, and then re-open Orum in the same tab LinkedIn AutoOpened in. Now every time you connect with a prospect, linked in opens in the same window as Orum.

This can be fixed by simply closing out your browser entirely, and starting with a fresh browser. 


For more information on LinkedIn and CRM auto-open features, please see this Article

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