Require Sentiments (Salesloft Specific)



Sentiment functionality can be leveraged when integrating with Orum.  Users are now able to:          

- Map call outcomes to a disposition and sentiment
- Set a disposition and sentiment for their default call disposition


⚙️ Configuration Requirements & Steps

Organizations using Salesloft who want to use Salesloft sentiments can configure Orum to work within this requirement. Orum admins can use the steps below to configure this setting:

- In Orum, click the gear Icon in the top right corner of the main page which will take you to settings



- Be sure to be on the "Integrations" tab, with Salesloft selected as your integration.



Cause Disposition Mapping


Accounts that require DISPOSITIONS in Salesloft will be required to map a disposition to all causes

Accounts that require SENTIMENTS in Salesloft will be required to map both a disposition and a Sentiment to all causes

If these requirements are not met, you will not be able to save until they are met.




Default Dispositions

❗ It is strongly recommended that all organizations requiring sentiments set a disposition and a sentiment in the Default Call Disposition For All Reps setting located in Integration settings.

  • This setting is automatically adopted by all users of the organization unless they choose something different in their personal settings.
  • Be sure to Save!


Individual reps can still make a different selection in their personal integration settings if desired.

-Click your initials/ display photo in the top right corner:


-Click "Integrations" and complete the "default call disposition" pulls downs as needed

-Be sure to save!





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