Disposition Settings and Automation

Subject: Many of our users take common removal actions after certain call dispositions, but this requires extra steps on each and every call that a common scenario happens on. You can tell Orum what removal actions should automatically be taken based on certain dispositions. This makes the process much more efficient!



The goal behind automating removal actions based on the selected disposition serves the following purposes:

    • Updating disposition management to be streamlined and more intuitive, focusing specifically on:
    • Adding/removing
    • Categorization as a connect or meeting disposition
    • Automation & defaults


Disposition settings can be located under the Integration Settings tab, by Orum Admins. Most settings applicable to dispositions can be seen and managed from this one area.

Dispositions will automatically be sorted type starting with Meeting → Connect → Unanswered




Editing Dispositions

Clicking the edit button allows users to manage all settings visible in this section.


Select the "Type" you would like for this disposition.


Select the Automation you would like to happen for this disposition.



Adding & Deleting Dispositions

Users on integrations where we do not automatically pull their dispositions (Salesforce & CSV) will be able to automatically upload suggested dispositions and/or manually input them.




SalesLoft and Outreach users will only need to ensure the type and automation setting are as desired since the dispositions themselves will be automatically pulled from that integration.

***** Outreach Specific - If an Outreach user has no Connect dispositions in Orum, we will assign their Outreach "answered" dispositions to be Connect dispositions. We do not do this for SalesLoft because SalesLoft doesn't have a concept of connect/not connect for their dispositions.


Here's a helpful article from Outreach on Disposition Management

Here's a helpful article from Salesloft on Disposition Management

*****Salesloft Specific - Please be sure to disable "Require Sentiments"


There is no scenario in which we will automatically apply any Automation behaviors to a disposition. Those must always be manually set by the user.


Automation Clarity throughout Orum

The Cause Disposition Mapping and Default Call Disposition sections remain separate, but users can now see if the selected disposition will cause automated actions to happen by hovering their mouse over the disposition.




Users will see the automation icon and information about what automated action will be applied when adding dispositions to calls.




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