Available to all plans, we've added Achievements to track, celebrate, and share just how far you’ve come in your journey to have better conversations.

In this lesson, you will learn: 

  • How to set up your 'pre-Orum' baseline
  • What are the Achievement types 
  • How to see your achievements
  • How to share your achievements on LinkedIn

Setup your 'pre-Orum' baseline 


Once you log in, you will be greeted by a product notification to add your stats. Please make sure to input calling stats prior to using Orum, it will ensure a proper baseline is set and you'll be able to clearly see the progress you've made by using Orum. 

You will need to input the following stats either daily, monthly, or annually: 

  • Number of dials 
  • Number of connects 
  • Number of meetings booked

Once you've added your stats the system will take care of the rest! 

Note: You or your account admin will be able to add stats but if you need to edit your stats, you can do so up to 3 days after the release. Afterwards, the stats will be locked.

Achievement types

The achievements types can be broken down into three main categories: 

1. Getting Started: These are achievements to mark starting milestones such as 100 calls dialed, 100 connects, 100 meetings
2. Personal Bests: Calls, Conversations, Meetings booked in a day
3. Boosts 🚀: As you boost your dialing efforts, you will earn 2x, 3x, even 4x boost achievements for call volume, conversations, and meetings booked 

Note: In this initial release, we will only be releasing boosts with getting started and personal bests following shortly thereafter. 

Where to view achievements 

You will be able to view your achievements in two places. 

1. Your Profile 



To find achievements from the Rep view of Orum:

  • Find your profile photo/initials bubble in the top right of Orum
  • Select "personal settings"
  • Highlight "personal bests"


As a rep, you will be able to click on your profile image in the top left to display the achievements you've earned in a new Achievements profile view. 

As a manager and admin, you can see all your reps achievements by going to Settings > People > Active Users


2. Session overview


After you've completed a dialing session, you will now see an overview with basic stats from the session along with any achievements you've earned or made progress towards. 

Sharing on LinkedIn 


In your profile or the session overview, you'll find the LinkedIn logo under each achievement you've earned.

To share as a post on your LinkedIn, simply click on the logo and Orum will automatically navigate you to your profile and generate a post with a custom image for you. 

Make sure to @Orum so we can celebrate with you!

Note: For plans with the Salesfloor, our new update panel will also notify your entire team of your achievements along with letting you see what others have achieved. 



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