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Subject: This article serves to help Orum users learn how to enable call recording, about call recording restrictions, and where to find the recording in Orum. 


With Call Recording Settings, You Can:

  • Enable or disable call recording
  • Define call recording restrictions
  • Enable or disable call recording link sharing


Table of Contents:

1. Does Orum have call recording capabilities?

2. How do I enable call recording?

3. Call Recording Restrictions

4. International Call Recording Settings

5. Can I share my recordings?

6. How do I know if calls are being recorded while dialing?

7. How do I find call recordings?

8. How long are call recordings kept?



Does Orum have call recording capabilities?

Yes: Once the Terms of Service have been accepted by a user upon their initial log in, call recordings can be activated. For contracted accounts or pilots, customer admins can navigate to settings > system and complete the process for enabling the feature. Free Trial users can enable the feature from personal settings > system. In either case, if you have any questions or challenges activating the feature, please create a support request at > submit a request. 



How do I enable call recording?

Customer Admins (non-Orumites) can navigate to Settings > System and find the area labeled "Call Recordings". Simply check the box to enable and click Save.



 You are solely responsible for complying with all applicable recording laws. You should consult with your company's resources to ensure that you obtain the appropriate level of consent from participants to record calls under the applicable laws. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.


Once an Orum admin has successfully activated the call recording feature, the system will display the options seen below. For further information on public link sharing, call recording restriction settings, and International recording settings, please see the following sections of this article.



GONG INTEGRATION USER NOTE: In order to access and leverage the Gong integration, call recordings must be fully enabled.  If you are an admin and are not seeing these settings available, please reach out to your Orum Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.



Call Recording Restrictions

Here's a helpful article that discusses Call Recording Restrictions.



International Call Recording Settings

Orum Admins have the ability to independently activate or disable international call recording settings:



**Note: This feature is only available with Orum packages that include international dialing**


With the feature switched on, Orum will record all international calls for countries that have been enabled. If an Orum Admin would like to prevent calls from being recorded in certain countries, they can input these countries in the "Never record calls in these countries:" box (shown above).



Can I share my recordings?

Yes you can! From Settings > System, simply check the box under Public Recording Links and click Save. This will allow your recordings to be shared with whoever you need. 


***As seen in the description, please be careful who you share these links with. 


How do I know if calls are being recorded while dialing?

You can see if a call is being recorded, or was recorded by simply hovering your mouse over the red dot displayed next to the call status! (Connected/Call Ended)
Here are some examples of the messaging you may see:




How do I find call recordings?

To view call recordings in Orum - All recordings are logged in the “Call History” page. From this page, scroll right until you see the "Recording" Column. Click the blue hyperlink labeled "Link", a new window opens and you can press play on the recording.




Screenshot of breakdown of call recording link view below:



To view in SFDC - it will depend on what field you’ve chosen to map the recording link to. Please use this guide to learn more about field mapping for call recordings.


20220101A_Partner_Program_Badges_Select.pngTo view in Salesloft - recording links will be placed in the calls tab



To view in Outreach - you can find recordings in the recording icon on the call activity




How long are call recordings kept?

Orum saves all historical call recordings through the full lifecycle of the contract.


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