Four ways to "Skip" calls in Orum

Subject: How to skip a call you dont wish to make right now.


There are 4 ways to “skip” calling prospects within Orum.

First one would be to click the “skip” options within the “Dialing options” field in Orum.
Note: This can only be accessed when “Power dialing”.




Second, By selecting the “checkbox” beside the prospect's name and clicking the “remove” button.
This way, users can select to skip prospects in the future by choosing either of the 2 options or both.

Remove_button.png           Orum-Dashboard__22_.png



The third option is to click the “snooze” button. This is designed to not call a prospect until a specified date. You can unsnooze at any time manually.





The fourth option is located within your call screen in the lower right corner. The section is labeled "Next Dial" Simply click the "X" symbol to skip the call this session.



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