Subject: This article discusses the difference between the red reset button and blue refresh button located above your call list.



Reset – This is a clean slate. It removes all tasks in the current list and pulls in all new information of the available tasks in their CRM. This is for Salesforce, Hubspot, and CSV integration users ONLY!

The command tells Orum to begin dialing from the very beginning of the call list and adds any net new prospects that have been added to the report since you have started dialing. 



Refresh - is sort of a half measure. It pulls in any new prospects that haven’t received calls during that dialing session but does not add in new tasks for existing prospects that have already received a call in the list, even if that session started hours or days ago.

For Outreach and SalesLoft, refresh keeps track of who you've already called during this dial through, and won't pull in tasks for those same people again, even if new ones exist. It will pull in tasks for new prospects and maintain the canceled calls at the bottom of the list. Reset doesn't care who you've already dialed and it will remove all canceled calls. 


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