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Subject: This knowledge article discusses Live Listen, where you can view and listen to your team’s outbound calls all from one central location.


With Live Listen, you can:

  • Listen live to any call from any rep
  • Enable auto-listen to be connected to the next live call with a prospect
  • Add manager notes to any call to revisit or share with other managers. This feature is currently available to the manager role only.



Table of Contents:

  1. Navigating to Live Listen
  2. Start Listening
  3. Enabling Auto-Listen
  4. Accessing Call Details
  5. Manager Notes
  6. FAQs



Navigating to Live Listen

You can access Live Listen by navigating to the Salesfloor in the top-page navigation. From here, you will be able to:

  • See which reps are actively logged in to Orum
  • See the reps who are on connected calls with prospects
  • Listen in on connected calls that are currently taking place




Start Listening

You can start listening to a call two ways: either clicking 'Listen' button directly on a connected call or enabling auto-listen. 

  • Listen: Located next to each rep’s activity in the list, this will enable you to listen directly to their call
  • Auto-listen: By toggling auto-listen to be enabled, you will automatically enter into the next connected call across all reps or a specific rep based on the filter you’ve selected


When you click to start a listening session, your browser may ask for permission to access your microphone. Please note that your audio will not be shared in the platform or on the call, this is only to establish a full and complete audio connection

The list will show the users that are dialing or in calls along with different statuses. These statuses are displayed underneath the user's name on the left.




Enabling Auto-Listen

Auto-listen will allow you to sit back and be placed directly into the next connected call by all reps or a specific rep depending on the filter you’ve selected.

To enable auto-listen, simply toggle it to be on. By default, it will connect you immediately but you can choose to join the call after 15 or 30 seconds using the filter. 

***Important to note that if your reps are power dialing, and you have the Join calls setting set to immediately, you may hear voicemails and things of that nature. To filter this out, we recommend choosing to join calls at the 15-30 second mark instead!***





Accessing Call Details

Clicking anywhere in the row of an active call will display prospect details prior to the decision to listen in. To display this pop-up, simply click anywhere in an active call row, then the call's additional information will be displayed.





Manager Notes

While listening to a call, the call detail and new Manager Notes will pop-up automatically. From here, Managers and Admins can leave notes to revisit later or toggle to share with the specific rep to leave real-time feedback.

The number next to the Call History tab will notify SDRs of the calls which their managers have left notes on.

Manager notes will allow you to:

  • Leave notes to reference in 1:1s with specific reps later
  • Share notes with individual SDRs 

Note: Manager notes are not shared or pushed with other platforms via our integrations like Salesforce, Outreach, or SalesLoft.



How to edit your notes

As a manager, you can edit your saved notes by using the “Edit note’ option found in the related Call History record. To get there, you can navigate to the “Call History” tab in the top-page navigation and search or filter for a specific call.





Can multiple users listen to the same call at the same time?

Yes. As many users as you have in your account are able to listen to any call simultaneously with little to no delay.

Can reps listen to each other's calls while in progress?

Yes. Anyone on the team is able to listen calls. However, only managers are able to leave notes in the call details.

Can multiple managers leave notes on a single call?

Yes. Multiple managers are able to save notes independently and share with other managers.


Which fields does Orum target to populate data for company and prospect name in Live Listen?
Title (prospect):
Apollo contact.title
CSV column name includes "title"
SFDC : Title
Hubspot contact.jobtitle
Outreach prospect.title
Salesloft people.title

Account (company):
CSV: column name includes "account"
SFDC Account.Name

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