Caller ID

Subject: This article discusses Caller IDs and how they may appear to prospects.




An Orum user chooses a call-from number and begins dialing.  Upon connecting, the prospect says that their number came up as a different person's name or company than the one the Orum user is actually calling from.


Example: Jane Smith works for ABC Corporation, but a prospect she calls from Orum says Jane showed up as 'Pearl Brown' or 'XYZ Industries' when she called.




When selecting a new call-from number, it is important to note that any time a number is recycled from any provider, there is a chance that the registry for the Caller ID has not been updated.


Example: You go to get a new cell phone, with a new number and your friend tells you that when you call them, the caller ID says "Pearl Brown".


What has happened in this example is that prior to you getting the number, Pearl had the number for 20 years, and the caller ID has not yet been updated. This is much like when you move into a new home and receive mail addressed to the previous residents.

These numbers are completely safe to use and simply show up in this way due to the FCC not receiving and processing the updated ownership data.  If you have any additional questions, please create a ticket at


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