Creating One Off Tasks within Orum

Subject: This article discusses how to create a one-off follow-up task right in Orum.

Note: Creation of One-Off tasks is Orum is unique to SalesLoft and Outreach integrations only!



This feature is to help expedite and streamline your follow-up process by allowing you to create a follow-up task right in Orum.


When the call ends, and the prospect details screen is being displayed, simply click the red outlined icon below:




This will then open a popup that allows you to enter the details of the task, be sure to click "Create" to save the task:



As you can see, there is a drop-down for the "Action" menu. Though Orum only deals with "Call Tasks", you can create call, email, action item, or in-person follow-up tasks that will show in your CRM.


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