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Subject : This knowledge article contains a brief explanation of the Gong integration and a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.


Table of Contents:

1. What is Gong?

2. Factors To Ensure Orum and Gong Integrate Properly

3. Activate The Initial Gong Configuration

4. Enable Data Capture in Gong

5. Is there an easy way to find calls placed in Orum within Gong?



What is Gong?

Gong analyzes and transcribes your calls, and identifies key topics. This means that you can always focus on the conversation and not worry about taking notes!

Orum can automatically upload call recordings of connects to Gong, a conversation intelligence platform. The integration to Gong allows conversations over 30 seconds to flow directly into Gong for analysis.




Factors to ensure Orum and Gong integrate properly:

1. Calls coming from Orum must be greater than 30 seconds

2. Calls must be dispositioned with a "connect"  or "meeting" disposition type. "Unanswered" dispositioned calls do not push to Gong.

3. Poor user connections to the Orum telephony server may result in recordings not syncing to Gong.

4. Gong or Orum call settings can cause either system not to record. Admins should review these closely in both systems. 




Activate The Initial Gong Configuration.

**PLEASE NOTE: User admins will have to ensure the call recording setting is appropriately enabled in Orum from Settings > System, otherwise they will not be able to activate the Gong integration** 

In order to enable a connection between Orum and the Gong API, Admins can use one of these two methods, for ease we recommend the first :

Recommended Method.

Part 1: Check the box "Enable Gong Integration" and then click "LOG IN WITH GONG" button. 


1a. You will be redirected to the next step, and a allow access screen will appear, click allow:


1b. If you are already signing into Gong, you will automatically be connected and will see that reflected in Orum. If you are not signed into Gong, you will be asked to log in and then the integration will sync.


Alternate Method


Part 1: Find your company's Gong Access Key and Access Key Secret

1a. As a technical administrator, log in to Gong.  In the top right of the screen, click the downward arrow next to your name, and select "[Your Company] Settings"


1b. From this menu, in the box labeled "ECOSYSTEM", Click API, Then on next page click "Get API Key".




PART II: Once API Key and Key Secret are displayed, input them back in Orum and Click Save. 

2a. Open a new browser tab, and navigate to Orum > systems settings:




2b. Scroll down to "Gong Integration" and click the box to enable. Input the Access Key and Access Key Secret.  Click Save.






Enable Data Capture in Gong

To Enable Data Capture within Gong, Navigate to your companies settings page:


In the box labeled "PEOPLE"  click "Team members":


In the team members table, next to the relevant person, click the settings gear icon and select one of the following:


  • Change data capture settings for... (person's name) to make changes to an individual

  • Change data capture settings for... (person's team) to make changes to a manager and their team

Make the required changes to the individual or team:


  • Web conferences: Record or do not record web conferences. If you want to make sure this person/team never gets recorded, set that here.

  • Telephony system calls: Import recorded calls made on telephony systems to Gong.

  • Email import options: Select whether or not to import emails sent or received by the individual/team, or whether to never import their emails.

  • Gong Connect: (open beta) Select whether or not the team members can use Gong Connect

***Important to note that at least Telephony system calls or Web Conferences must be enabled for calls to push to gong!***


Do one of the following:

  • If your org has multiple workspaces, assign a home workspace, and a permission profile per workspace. For more information, go here.

  • To change the current permission profile, select a new one from the list. If making changes to a person's team, click Apply to individual contributors to restrict changes to people who are not managers under the selected person's hierarchy. Click APPLY.

  • Data_caputure_enabled.png



Is there an easy way to find calls placed in Orum within Gong?

  • Yes! There is a unique identifier in Gong that shows calls placed in Orum. Under the "recording system" pull down, Gong users can select "Orum" from the list of telephony providers and will be able to sort and filter as necessary




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