User Management and People Settings

Subject: This knowledge article addresses Orum's People Settings.  User management and other associated settings are discussed as well as a breakdown of the functionalities that are found within.


With People Settings, You Can:

  • Activate or disable users
  • Update user access levels or seat types
  • View pending user invites
  • View available licenses

Note: To add licenses to your account, please contact your Orum CSM or create a support request at Thank you!


Table Of Contents:

1. Where are People Settings? What can users expect to see?

2. Managing Roles and Licenses

3. Invite Users

4. Pending Invites

5. Disabled Users and How To Reenable Them

6. Licenses

7. Free Trial Organization People Settings View




Where are People Settings? What can users expect to see?

People Settings are nested under Orum's Settings page.  From this page, admin users can view and manage user "seats" that licenses have already been purchased for. 



Active user lists, pending invites, disabled users, and available licenses can all be viewed from this page.  This page also allows admins to invite new users, resend an invite, disable existing users, update access levels/seat types, and reenable disabled users.




When viewing "Active Users", admins can see names, primary emails, roles, and dialer license types.  At the end of each user row, admins have the ability to click on a triple dot that will present them with an option to either "Manage role and license" or "Disable user".







Managing Roles and Licenses:

When an admin selects the "Manage role and license" option, the pop-up below is displayed.  Depending on which "Role" is selected, the admin is able to update the associated available options.



Rep = access to dialer, call history, analytics for all of their own call lists / data. Can work with personal settings.
Manager = same as rep PLUS the ability to see all calls in call history, manage the call library, and view all call history/analytics including the ability to filter by team
Admin = same as rep PLUS access to all admin settings for the org





Invite New Users:

From the main People Settings screen, admins can find the "Invite People" button in the top right corner to work with new user access and invitations:


NOTE: If your company uses multiple CRM integrations, invitations only need to be sent for one or the other.  This knowledge base article explains how users can add their secondary CRM access afterward.


In the "Invite People To Orum" pop-up that appears, an admin simply needs to:

  • Input email address(es)-- Please do this in *lowercase letters only*. No caps!
  • Select Role
  • Select Dialer type
  • Select integration (Choose the first integration the user will be accessing Orum with. Once logged in, the new user will be able to access all other integrations the activated for the account.)
  • Click "Send Invite"

(The "Available Licenses" option is expanded to view available license allotments.)




If the number of email addresses input is greater than the available licenses that selection will be greyed out:



A new user invitation similar to the one shown below will automatically be sent to the new user's email address:







Pending Invites:

When an admin user is on the main page for People Settings, they have the option to choose the "Pending Invites" option on the left under the "People Management" section (shown below).  Users can see:

  • Which invites have been sent out that are still pending acceptance
  • When the invitations expire
  • Which CRM integration the invite pertains to

Admin users can easily "Resend Invites" or cancel them by using the options on the right side of the given user's row of information.








Disabled Users and How To Reenable Them:

The last option available on the People Settings page under the "People Management" section is "Disabled Users".  A list of currently disabled users is displayed.  An admin user can follow the simple steps below to reenable users that have been previously disabled:

  • Click the "..." symbol at the end of the row for the user that needs to be reenabled
  • Select "Re-enable user" option
  • The user's previous role will auto-populate, but this can be easily modified in the pulldown menu
  • Select the desired Dialer license (pulldown displays currently available licenses)
  • Click "Re-Enable"








The second section of the People Settings is the "Licenses" section found on the left just underneath "People Management".  In this section, admin users can see a quick snapshot of licenses that are currently available.  


Note: To add licenses to your account, please contact your Orum CSM or create a support request at Thank you!







Free Trial Organization People Settings View:

Free trial admin users will see a simplified version of the People Settings page. Admin users can see active users, send invites, and disable users from this page as shown below.


Note: Each free trial organization has a lifetime of 15 free trial licenses (500 dials) that can be sent out to users within their company







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