Check Caller ID Reputation Feature

Subject: This knowledge article discusses the "Check Caller ID Reputation" feature.  It also covers what users can expect to see, what to do if a spam marker appears, and a short explanation of the concepts behind why this feature functions in the manner that it does.


Table Of Contents:

1. What is the Check Caller ID Reputation Feature?

2. How does the Check Caller ID Reputation Feature work?

3. What should a user do if a red flag appears?

4. Explanation of feature background concepts.



What is the Check Caller ID Reputation Feature?

The Check Caller ID Reputation Feature allows users to check the reputation of a call from number that is being used in Orum.  The feature is located just below the call from number dropdown menu:




How does the Check Caller ID Reputation Feature work?

Select a call from a number from the dropdown menu that you wish to check and click the hyperlink below which reads "Check Caller ID Reputation". Orum will then display the results for the number that has been selected. 

These results are delivered by our third party monitoring service (discussed in more detail later in this article).  Depending on whether or not Orum finds an alert with the number, it will display one of the two following pop-ups.


No reputation alerts found:



The call from number may be marked as spam (red flag):




What should a user do if a red flag appears?

There are two places where a user can see a red flag appear (shown below). 

  1. The call from number pull-down menu.
  2. The pop-up that opens after clicking the "Check Caller ID Reputation" hyperlink


If either of these alerts is displayed, Orum recommends that the user delete the number and add a new one. 

Learn more about adding and deleting numbers. 





Explanation of feature background concepts.

In January of 2022, Orum added a third party reputation monitoring service that has been operating in the background to provide a better representation of the broader reputation of call from numbers.

This was added to help empower our users with the confidence that their prospecting efforts are being conducted with reputable call from numbers. In order to more clearly guide users to these results, what previously was the Test Caller ID feature has now been replaced with Check Caller ID Reputation feature. 

This updated functionality guides users toward using Orum's third party reputation monitoring result as the recommended path for checking a call from number’s reputation. The monitoring service looks at the status of these numbers from the source.

There are multiple factors that decide how a call appears on each device.

  • Device settings or protections
  • Apps installed or utilized
  • Carrier protections
  • FTC

Each of these monitoring services have their own databases that are checked regularly. Many use a combination of common sources. The reputation monitoring service checks the status directly from the most widely used sources. While these results are not foolproof, they provide reputation information that is more emblematic of the number's overall reputation.


**To help further reduce the possibility of call from numbers being flagged as spam, Orum recommends that every rep have Call Forwarding set up.** 


Learn more about call forwarding and specifics on how to set it up. 


For further information on measures that Orum has taken to help combat the pressures of spam, please reference the following articles or contact your Orum CSM:




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