Call Forwarding Not Working

Subject: Incoming calls not forwarding to call forwarding number. User may also be noticing call forwarding does not seem to be functioning at all.


Explanation: There are three possible factors that can impact Orum's ability to receive incoming calls at your forwarding number.


The First -

Orum has a built-in feature that prevents incoming calls from numbers it has not dialed. 

For Example: 

If you were to email a prospect and listed your call from the number as your contact number, the call would be blocked as incoming spam because Orum doesn't recognize the number.


The Second-

If you have been dialing from the same call from number for an extended period of time, it may prevent callbacks, potentially due to your call from number being flagged as spam.  This can be fixed by changing your call from number. Below is a direct link to a great article that discusses how to change, add new, or delete call from numbers:

Call From Number

***Important to note that users get TEN numbers per month. 


The Third-

Another reason this symptom can occur is that the "call forwarding" configuration has gone stale. A simple step to try is to delete the call forwarding configuration and simply set it back up again. This can be done by following the steps below:

Click the "Remove" link located directly below your call from number, and a pop will appear to confirm that you wish to delete the number, click remove. 2022-04-25_16_43_46-Orum_-_Dashboard.png              2022-04-25_16_46_08-Orum_-_Dashboard.png

Then set it back up, by clicking the "Set call forwarding number" link. A pop-up will appear for you to enter your forwarding number. Enter the number and click "Add Number".


Orum will then call the number you entered, and you dial in the code presented in the popup from your phone. The automated system will verify that you have set your forwarding number.










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