Troubleshooting When Stuck in Dispositioning

Issue:  This article discusses how to resolve Orum appearing to be stuck when saving dispositions. 

For example:



Troubleshooting Steps to Follow:

  1. Click the Redial Button on the last prospect:2022-04-25_11_00_39-Screen-Shot-2022-04-08-at-9.46.44-AM.png__-_Photos.png
  2. Quickly hit the "Disconnect" button This will appear like a hang-up.Disconnect_Button.png
  3. Check to see if you can now save disposition and move forward with dialing.

***Another thing to check if this does not resolve, is to be sure you are dialed in. Orum can time-out when it sees no activity for an extended period of time. This is easy to address by simply checking the "Dial In" area from the Dialer Page.



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