Voicemail Sequencer

Subject: This knowledge article breaks down Orum's ability to map voicemails for different steps in the rep's sequence or cadence.


Table of Contents:

1. What Is Voicemail Sequencer?

2. How To Use Voicemail Sequencer

3. Frequently Asked Questions



What is Voicemail Sequencer?

The voicemail sequencer allows reps to select pre-recorded voicemail messages and pair them with the step the prospect is in. After a brief configuration, reps will be able to be strategic with the order in which they drop the voicemails. Orum's automation can take it from there! Overall, this reduces the need for filtering or context switching between a myriad of concurrent team sequences or cadences.  This feature is available to Outreach and Salesloft integration users that have voicemail steps set up in their sequence/cadence they are calling on in Orum.

*****When reps want to add/record a new voicemail and they load,
“All sequence/cadence due task” there won’t be an option to record or add a new voicemail. It will only show you the option to use “programmed steps” or recordings that you might already have. You must program the sequencer from the specific sequence or cadence first, and then can navigate to "All Sequence/ Cadence Due".


How to use Voicemail Sequencer:

1. Select the sequence/cadence you want to map voicemails for in the Search List dropdown on the dialer settings page.



2. Select the Settings icon or click the “View voicemail sequencer” link in the Voicemail section.


3. Select the first call step you want to leave a voicemail on.  Note: Only phone steps will be available in the dropdown.



4. Select from the pre-recorded voicemails listed or choose to record a new voicemail. 



5. Once a voicemail has been selected, you can press the Play button to listen to the recording.




6. Once saved, the voicemail sequence will be visible on the dialer settings.


7. After these steps have been completed, the rep can use Orum as per normal and make dials!




Frequently Asked Questions:

Which CRM integrations is the voicemail sequencer available for?

Outreach and Salesloft.


Is voicemail sequencer available when Power or Parallel dialing?

Yes.  It is available with both power and parallel dialing. While power dialing, make sure to check the dialing option to “Auto detect and leave/skip VMs”.


Do I have to program a voicemail for every step?

No, a rep only needs to set up a voicemail for steps where they are wanted.  Orum will skip leaving a voicemail on calls for all other steps where a voicemail has not been set up.


Will the appropriate voicemail be left when I call All Due Tasks?

Yes, Orum will follow the voicemail preferences set for the specific sequence/cadence and call step the task is tied to.  If no voicemail is set up for a specific step, no voicemail will be left.


What happens when I call on One-Off Due Tasks

One-off due tasks will operate just as they did before setting up voicemail mapping. Reps have the option to leave no voicemail or to select a voicemail from the list of pre-recorded voicemails.


Have questions?  Please reach out to the Orum support team using this link!


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