Can't Find Orum-Enriched Numbers

Subject: This knowledge article discusses how to locate the phone numbers that Orum Data Enrichment has found in all parts of the system.  This article also covers what to do if you cannot see enriched prospect information.


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1. Can't Find Orum-Enriched Numbers



Can't Find Orum-Enriched Numbers:

Orum-Enriched Phone Numbers appear in the call list on the Dialer Page and also on the Call History Page once they have been dialed:

1. On the Dialer Page- please make sure the "ORUM ENRICHED" option is selected in "DIALING OPTIONS")


2. On the Call History Page- if the Orum-Enriched phone numbers have not been dialed, they will not appear in Call History.  Please dial and disposition the prospect's Orum-Enriched phone number and refresh the Call History Page. The record should appear after these steps have been taken.


3. The final possibility is that Orum was unable to locate any additional phone numbers for the selected prospect(s).  After Orum completes the Enrichment process, the system will display the following message if no additional phone numbers could be found for the selected prospect(s):



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