Skip Options When Power Dialing

Subject: This article discusses the functionality of the "skip" checkboxes in the Dialing Options of Orum.


Table of Contents:

1. "Skip" Checkbox Functionality Explanation

2. Individual Functionality Breakdown





"Skip" Checkbox Functionality Explanation:

The Orum Dialing Options include several checkboxes that change the behavior of Orum when making calls.  Please note that these options will only be available when Orum is in "POWER DIAL" modeWhen Orum is in power dialing mode, the skip checkboxes will appear.








Individual Functionality Breakdown:



"Auto Detect and Leave/Skip VMs" - If Orum detects an answering machine, it will leave the selected voicemail, set the disposition to “Left Voicemail,” and move on to the next call. 



"Auto Detect and Skip Dial Trees" -  If Orum detects a dial tree, it will set the disposition to “Dial Tree”, hang up and move on to the next call.



"Auto Skip After 30 Secs of Ringing" - If a call rings for 30 seconds, Orum will set the disposition to “no answer” , hang up, and move on to the next call.



"Auto Skip Busy/Failed Calls" -If Orum detects a busy signal or failed call, it will set the disposition to “busy” / “failed”, hang up, and move on to the next call.  Please note that if Orum determines a call as "failed" when a number is determined to be out of service or otherwise detected to be an incorrect or non-functional number.



"Silence ring tone"- If selected, you will not hear any ringing as calls are made.


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