Multiple Integrations: How To Create A New Integration In Orum

Subject: This article discusses how to add a new CRM integration to an existing in Orum account. 

Please note that only customer admins can add additional intrgrations!


Table of Contents:

1. How to add a new CRM integration in Orum.

2. How to switch between CRM Integrations.





How to add a new CRM integration in Orum:

1. From the settings page, please be sure that the "Integration Settings" tab in the top left is selected and find the "+ADD A NEW INTEGRATION" option.



2. A small window will pop up which will allow the option to choose which integration to set up.  Simply select "LOG IN WITH [choose desired integration]".

**** Whichever login the admin uses to create the new integration will be associated with their currently-logged in user, be sure to log in as yourself, not a user who you are trying to help!****



3. You will be redirected to the chosen CRM website and can log in using the appropriate credentials.


4. Once you are successfully logged in to the CRM that was chosen, Orum will display the following message which is confirmation that the new integration has been successfully created.



5. Users in your Org will now be notified upon logging in to Orum that a new integration is available and can be selected if needed. 
***PLEASE NOTE: Users will not be able to log in using the new integration until after they complete the log in process from within Orum using their existing log in credentials
- Example: An org is integrated with Outreach, and an admin adds SFDC. For just the first time, reps will have to log in using Outreach, then change to SFDC from within Orum. After completing this step, either login (Outreach or SFDC) can be used from the main log in screen.




6. For help with how to select a CRM integration that has already been set up, please leverage this knowledge article. Thank you!


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