Multiple Integrations: How To Switch Between CRM Integrations

Subject: This article discusses how to switch between CRM integrations in Orum.  Please note this will take effect after your company's Orum instance has been converted under the new Unified Accounts feature.


Table of Contents:

1. How to switch between CRM Integrations.

2. How to create a new integration in Orum.





How to switch between CRM Integrations:

**If you are are an existing Orum user who already has separate accounts for each of your integrations, your Customer Success Manager will be contacting you to assist with merging those accounts so that you can take advantage of this new more seamless experience.


1. From the main dialer page in Orum, an additional pull down menu is now available in the top left hand corner of the page and is titled "SELECTED INTEGRATION". Simply use this pull down to choose which connected CRM integration you would like to use to make calls in Orum:





a. Users no longer need to log out and back in to Orum using the CRM credentials they are intending to make calls with.

b. The SELECTED INTEGRATION list is populated by your company's Orum Admin.

c. If your company requires a new CRM integration to be set up, please leverage this knowledge article.


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