Incoming Call Dispositioning

Subject: This article describes the new ability for users to disposition incoming callbacks from the Call History page in Orum.


A new feature that has been added is the ability to log inbound calls with a desired disposition.  When incoming calls come in and were not logged or dispositioned, Orum displays a red alert symbol along with a message which reads "Log inbound call" as shown below:


Note: The phone number shown in the Call History will be the prospect's number, not the Call From number they dialed.


When the user clicks the "Log inbound call" hyperlink, Orum will display a popup so the call record can be dispositioned as shown here:


After a disposition is selected, Orum will log the call to the task associated with the last call made to the prospect.


CRM Task Designation Notes:

1. Not all CRMs differentiate between inbound and outbound call activity. Information that Orum pushes into CRMs will all designated as "outbound" for this version of the feature (dated 11/17/21).
2. Depending on the disposition selected this would complete or not complete the outbound call task for that contact based on existing rules.



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