Inbound Callback

Subject: This article describes the inbound callback history filtering option on the Call History Page.  It also discusses how a call forwarding number must be set up to receive inbound calls.


Table of Contents:

1. Inbound Call Back General Information.

2. Call Forwarding For Inbound Call Reception.



Inbound Call Back General Information:

On the Call History page in Orum, users now have an additional filtering option that can drill down on the call type.  The options that are available under the 'Call Type' section of the page include:

  • Outbound Power Dialed
  • Outbound Parallel Dialed
  • Inbound Callback



After selecting the desired option, Orum will display the relevant results under the 'Call Type' column:



A tangential feature that was added along with the inbound callback options is the ability to log inbound calls with a desired disposition.  When incoming calls come in and are not dispositioned, Orum displays a red alert symbol along with a message which reads "Log inbound call" as shown below. 

For further information on the new incoming call dispositioning feature, please reference this knowledge article. 





Call Forwarding For Inbound Call Reception:

Incoming calls will fail if a call forwarding number is not appropriately set up in Orum.  When incoming calls fail along this line, an entry as seen below can be found in a user's call history:


Similarly, if a user DOES have call forwarding set up but does not answer the inbound call, an entry as seen below will also appear in a user's call history:



For information on how to set up call forwarding, please reference this article.


***Setting up call forwarding also has benefits when it comes to how Orum helps prevent inbound spam calls.  Please reference this article for more information.


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