Incoming Call Backs From Prospects

Subject: User's with call forwarding set up can recieve inbound calls. This article is to explain how to answer inbound calls, and how they may appear in Orum.

To accept inbound calls, you must first set up call forwarding within Orum. For information on how to set up call forwarding, Please see This article.

***Important to note that Orum will only accept inbound call's if the incoming number has been dialed through Orum previously. This is to prevent rep's from receiving inbound spam call's***

When you receive an inbound call, you will receive a notification in browser that appears like so:



On your call forwarding phone, the inbound call will appear to be coming from the call from number you used to dial the prospect originally.  To see who is calling you, click "View Prospect" and Orum will pull up the prospects information, and give you the ability to log the call. 



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