Incoming Call Backs From Prospects

Subject: This article is to explain how to answer inbound calls, and how they may appear in Orum.


Effective July 28, 2023, Sales reps can now receive callbacks (inbound calls) from prospects directly in the browser when they are in a dialing session, rather than having the call forwarded to their call forwarding device.


⚠️ Important Notes:

- The user must be "dialed” into Orum to receive call backs in browser.

- Orum recommends that the 'call forwarding' feature is also configured for all reps. For information on how to set up call forwarding, Please see This article.

- Orum will only allow inbound calls if the incoming number has been dialed through Orum previously. This is to prevent reps from receiving spam calls.
- User MUST have pop up's and redirects enabled in their browser for notification to ensure consistent notifications.


Feature Explanation:

When a user is ‘dialed’ into an active Orum session, we will no longer forward inbound calls to their call forwarding number; instead, the rep will see a notification to accept the call within their browser provided they are not on another call:





When accepted, the rep will see a modal with prospect information, similar to what’s displayed on the connect screen. They can use the information to aid in their conversation and, once finished, log the call:




  • When can I receive inbound calls in the browser?

    You will only see the notification if you are dialed into Orum in your browser.


  • Will the calls still be forwarded to my call forwarding number?

    Not if you are ”dialed into Orum”. If you are not dialed into Orum, the calls will still forward to the call forwarding number previously set up.


  • What if I am connected in another call when a prospect calls back?

    The notification shows up, but the "Accept Call" button is disabled. If you hover over it, a tooltip will appear telling them that they need to finish their current call before they can accept the inbound call.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 1.28.43 PM.png



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