Phone Numbers Not Showing In Orum

Subject: A user is trying to call on prospects that have multiple phone numbers and not all numbers are showing up in Orum.



There can be multiple reasons as to why the Phone numbers do not show up in Orum.  It is important to remember that Orum only pulls in call tasks that are listed as due on the current day.

Before examining the steps listed below, please take a moment to verify that the task / call list / number is currently showing as DUE.


1. After completing the above verification, the best next step to take is to RESET your call list.  This can be done from the DIALER page in Orum by clicking the red RESET button at the top of the page.


This knowledge article can be leveraged if the RESET button is not showing.


2. Orum users may also not see the numbers they are wanting to dial due to the fact that the number type may not be selected in the DIAL OPTIONS on the left hand side of the DIALER page.


Further explanation on dialing options can be found in this knowledge article.


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