International Calling


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Orum currently supports dialing in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand. 

While there is not a current timeline for expansion, our engineering team wants to ensure that the product will function at the same high level our users have come to expect prior to releasing further international support.  


Puerto Rico: Orum's telephony provider labels calls to and from Puerto Rico as though they originate from a foreign country as opposed to a US territory.  As such, Orum currently does not support the ability to make calls to Puerto Rican numbers.


Orum's AI only supports the English Language at this time. For any non-English speaking countries or regions (i.e. French Canada), Orum recommends the use of the PowerDialer functionality with automation checkboxes turned off.


If users try and call numbers outside the countries currently supported by Orum, the number will be greyed out.  Orum will display an associated message that shows which explains unsupported international numbers cannot be dialed.


Orum is committed to expanding international offerings and will announce further updates as they become available.

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