Identifying Prospects That Cannot Be Dialed

Subject: After a user loads a call list into Orum, several numbers are greyed out.  At the top of the dialer page, Orum shows that there is "x" number of prospects that cannot be dialed.


Orum shows there are a number of prospects that cannot be dialed (as shown below).



In order to determine why Orum is unable to call these prospects, scroll to the bottom of the list and/or go to the last page of list



From this point, Orum provides further details as to why the prospects cannot be called.  Corrections can be made to the prospect's information as needed in your CRM.  After the corrections have been made, be sure to REFRESH your call list in Orum to pull in the updated information.

As an example, there is no associated phone number within the phone field shown below. The phone number can be added or edited in the CRM (Outreach shown here).  After the update is made in the CRM, be sure to REFRESH your call list in Orum.

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