Automatically Open LinkedIn and CRMs For Prospects

Subject: This knowledge article covers how to activate and use Orum's automated LinkedIn and CRM link opening feature.


Activation: Please note each unique user needs to activate this feature.


1. After logging in to Orum, navigate to the settings page and find the "Open Links Automatically" feature.



**As a "hack" for this feature-- if you need to have the CRM or LinkedIn tab open in a new WINDOW (rather than simply a tab in the same window as Orum)-- simply wait for Orum to auto open the first one on your list, right click on the tab that opens and select "move to a new window".


Note: Users can also download the Chrome Extension, if they prefer to have the prospects LinkedIn profile open directly in the connect screen.


If this is the first time this feature has been activated, a red notification will come up to make sure that Orum is allowed to have access to the browser when opening a new tab/window. This red notification can be seen here:


Once access has been given to Orum, click “Save” again on the settings page




Additional Information For Outreach / Salesloft Users:

Linkedin URL’s on each of your prospects pages must be assigned in order for the feature to work correctly. This can be checked in your CRM. Here is an example for Outreach:



From the CRM (Outreach shown here), click the “Prospect” tab, then the “Edit” button on the upper right.

The "edit" screen will have a field where LinkedIn URLs can be added.



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