Basic Troubleshooting Steps For Orum

Issue: This article describes how to complete basic troubleshooting steps for the Orum software. 


Table of Contents: 

1. General Troubleshooting Steps / Logging In and Out Of Orum.

2. Using the Incognito Window.

3. Clear cookies and cache (use as a last resort only)

4. Chrome version being used / Update Chrome.

5. Audio / Microphone troubleshooting.





General Troubleshooting Steps

The following is a list of simple steps that usually cause any unexpected system behaviors to quickly resolve.  


1) Log Out of Orum

Try using the "LOG OUT" button in the top right of the Orum window.  After clicking this button, please be sure to close the browser tab and log back in.  This simple step fixes man unexpected behaviors.






2) Incognito Window

In some cases, residual data can get in the way of a smooth user experience.  Please start by logging out of Orum and closing the browser tab. 

Next, click the triple dots in the top right of your Chrome browser and open a New Incognito Window



From the new Incognito Window that opens, log back in to Orum. Continue using the software as per normal and see whether or not the unexpected behavior resolves.





3) Clear Cookies and Cache
Please only complete these steps as an absolute last resort. 

Complete the following steps to clear your cookies and cache (site-level):

- In the Chrome browser, find the lock icon in the top left of the window in the address bar.
- Choose "site settings"
- In the new tab that opens, click "delete data" and "reset permissions"

- Please be sure to RELOAD the Orum tab which will prompt the user to log back in. Users will also have to reauthorize access to their mic after clicking "dial in browser".

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