Where are my call tasks?

Issue: This article describes how to troubleshoot a call list, sequence, or cadence that is not populating in Orum.  


Table of Contents: 

1. General call list, sequence and cadence functionality.

2. Numbers Greyed Out and "Will Not Be Dialed" In Orum.

3. Basic troubleshooting steps for the Orum software.





General call list, sequence and cadence functionality

- Orum pulls tasks that are listed as due or past due and are assigned to you in the given CRM. Prior to loading a cadence, sequence or list into Orum, verify that the cadence, sequence, or list Tasks that are being loaded show as “DUE” or “PAST DUE”, and are assigned to you.

- It is also important to verify that the Tasks relate to 'Calls' as opposed to email or other prospect contact methods.  **Please note: Orum only pulls in Call tasks.**

- The Task is not in the user's name. ( It belongs to a different user)

- The User has filters applied in Orum which prevent them from seeing the entire list. 

- When searching the available call lists, make sure you are typing out the list name so it exactly matches what you see in the CRM.

- There are too many tasks in the call list. We don't recommend trying to load over 1000 tasks in a list.
  - Orum will pull tasks from oldest to newest. (Note for HUBSPOT users- this is done newest to oldest)
  - We recommend filtering down "All" type lists (All Cadence Due, All Sequence Due) to a few sequences, cadences, or reports you'd like to work on or pulling the specific list to help minimize the number of tasks being loaded at once.

-Orum won't show every task for a prospect if we find more than one task for them. So if a prospect had 3 one-off tasks we'd only show 1 in Orum until it was completed and then we'd pull the next one in.

- The task you are looking for is a "One Off Task". One Off Tasks have their own list! If a task is a part of a sequence, or cadence you will not find the task here, this includes follow-ups created off a cadence, or sequence. 

- After completing the previous above verifications, Orum may need to be “RESET” to make ensure that all DUE CALL TASKS are properly loaded. 

- If you are unable to see the "RESET" option, please use the steps shown here.

- If you delete a sequence in Outreach and it has already due tasks that you haven't deleted/marked complete, the task will stay despite the sequence itself being deleted.






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