Outgoing Calls Flagged as Spam

This article addresses telephony concerns related to Spam Call flags that can be assigned to 'Call From' numbers.  

If further information is required:

1. Please reference this article which discusses how to update the 'Call From' number.

2. Contact your Orum CSM.


Spam Call Information:

When numbers are used to make calls, be it from a personal cell phone, the Orum dialer, or even an office line, each carrier that receives the calls has their own way of determining what is spam and what is not. Most unfortunately, yet understandably, the various carriers do not provide details over how and what they consider to be spam. This is so actual ‘spammers’ do not simply route around these protocols. As calls that are placed from the same number increase, the likelihood of the originating number becoming tagged as spam increases.


With these factors at play, Orum has released product expansions that will further help keep the numbers that we provide to our valued clients out of the spam list.  A few of the measures include:

  • The ability to change out the 'Call From' number up to 10 times per month, per user.
  • The Call Forwarding feature which helps with effective routing measures for outbound calls.
  • Background 'Call From' number screening prior to the user being able to select it. From the screen shown here, a 3rd party service scans numbers prior to them being listed.  The options available for reps to choose from are only numbers that are believe to carry good reputations:
  • screened_numbers.png
  • Active monitoring of 'Call From' number reputation.  Orum displays a small "red flag" alert next to numbers that may have had their reputation compromised from carrier spam policies:



Please contact your Orum CSM or submit a support request at support.orum.com if you have any additional questions and we thank you for your understanding!

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