Incoming Spam Calls

How are scammers getting my number and why am I getting so many spam calls?

Many scammers or robo dialers randomly generate 10 digit number combinations that they attempt to dial.  When they identify numbers that seem good (perhaps the receiving party answers it) they mark/save that number to target it more.  


This happens with your cell phone number just like it does with an Orum Call From number.  For every Call From number you create in Orum (or any dialing system), you increase the odds of receiving spam calls by the number of phone numbers directed back to your cell phone. It’s just math. 



Let’s say spam companies spread calls evenly across all numbers they randomly generate so every phone number is going to get 10 spam calls a week.


Each phone number only gets 10 calls, but to you it feels like you’re getting 50.
While all numbers are at the same level of risk for spam calls, you are fielding calls for 5 numbers from one phone.

What should I do about it?

  • Orum will help ensure the calls reaching your direct number from an Orum Call From line are return prospect calls and not scammers by blocking incoming calls from a number that wasn't previously dialed by your rep.
    We expect this to dramatically reduce the number of spam calls (Released Oct 2021)!

  • Spam blocking apps, device settings, or carrier mitigation methods can also assist with reducing these calls. As spam calls increase, we are seeing a strong focus in the telephony industry on spam mitigation so we expect to see these get more and more aggressive and advanced.

    Keep in mind that these can behave similar to the spam folder in your email inbox.

    They will usually do a good job of filtering out spam emails, but can sometimes be a bit overzealous and accidentally filter out legitimate calls.
    The Federal Trade Commission’s recommendations can be found here.

  • Reducing the amount of phone numbers that are forwarding to your direct phone can help lower your odds of getting spam calls.
    • Create only as many Call From numbers as you need in Orum.
    • Decommission or remove call forwarding for other numbers you no longer need (old google numbers, Outreach numbers no longer in use, etc.)

Would using my mobile or direct number as my caller ID help?

While this may reduce the volume of incoming spam calls you would field at your direct number, we do not allow users to input their own Caller ID number for a few reasons.

  1. Because you will be making a high volume of short duration calls, it is incredibly likely that your personal number will get marked as spam. If this happens, you would need to go through a difficult appeal process across multiple carriers and databases to return your number to good standing.
    Phone numbers provided by Orum can be easily replaced if they get flagged as spam.

  2. You lose the ability to present the customer with a number that is local to their area which may impact how often they are willing to answer your calls.

  3. We are able to vouch that our numbers belong to us and are being used by legitimate businesses, but we cannot verify that the number a user inputs belongs to them.  A user could knowingly or unknowingly spoof someone else's number.
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