Call task not completing in the CRM


Issue: Call tasks are not completing in the CRM.


Please Note:
Orum does not complete tasks where there was no opportunity for someone to answer.

We do not complete task if Orum encounters:

  • Failed calls
  • Busy Signal
  • Dial Tree (Without response)
  • Canceled Calls


Specific to the Salesloft and Outreach CRMs:

Orum only completes SalesLoft Tasks when the call is a Connect, No Answer (also seen as "Unanswered" in Orum settings), or Left VM

Orum will not complete Tasks when the call is Busy, Failed, Cancelled, or ends in a Dial Tree


Specific to the Salesforce CRM:

For the Salesforce integration, Orum does not complete current tasks. Rather, Orum opens and completes tasks immediately as calls are made. 

Orum will log the call to Salesforce as a new activity, but will not complete an existing task in Salesforce.



  • Remove the number from Orum or mark it invalid in your CRM. That way time is not spent dialing numbers that will not connect to the prospect.


Additionally, you can also “REFRESH” and “RESET” the tasks. Here are the difference:

Refresh- The REFRESH button updates the Orum dialing list with net new information that has been newly input into the user's CRM (i.e. Outreach, Salesloft, Salesforce) since dialing has started.

Reset - The RESET button:
(For Outreach and Salesloft integration users) - fetches any net new call tasks that have surfaced since dialing has started in Orum
(For Salesforce and CSV integration users) - tells Orum to begin dialing from the very beginning of the call list and adds any net new prospects that have been added to the report since you have started dialing

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