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Getting Started
To begin using Orum with your CRM, visit and click the “Log in with [YOUR CRM]” button:



If you see an error message of the form, “Could not find user [username]”, this means that we have not set up an account/trial for you. In order to use Orum for the first time, please contact us at

Choose List and Configure Dialing Options
Use the dropdown in the sidebar to select a list. Orum will pull all due call tasks from this cadence/sequence for you to dial or if its SFDC, it will pull reports

You may type to search for a specific report or cadence/sequence.



After you select a list, you’ll see various options in the sidebar:



Phone field: Select which phone number in SalesLoft (phone, mobile, home) you’d like to dial.

Parallel calls: Select how many numbers you’d like to dial in parallel. If you choose “Power Dial”, you’ll dial one number at a time.

Call from number: This is the number that you’ll be calling from. You can add up to 10 call from numbers. Each month, you can remove up to 10 numbers and add new ones. This helps you cycle through phone numbers.

Voicemail: Choose a pre-recorded voicemail to automatically leave when Orum encounters answering machines. You can record as many of these voicemails as you want by pressing the “+” button. If no voicemails that expected SalesLoft is selected, we’ll simply hang up when we encounter an answering machine.

In the main content area, you’ll see a few ways to edit the list of prospects (See Feature List View):



Filter: By clicking the “Filter” button, you can apply various filters to limit which prospects to dial. For instance, you can select certain time zones or prospect tags.

Checkboxes: You can click the checkboxes next to individual prospects to manually select them. Then, you have three options: cancel, blacklist, or snooze. Cancel will prevent these prospects from being dialed this time around the list, but they’ll show up again if you dial the list anew later on. Blacklist will ensure this number is never dialed with Orum again. Snooze will make the prospect reappear after a specific duration.

Join the Waiting Room and Start Dialing
Once you’ve configured dialing options and edited your list, you’re ready to start dialing. You first need to join the waiting room, which is a staging area that we’ll use to bridge you into live calls with prospects.

Option 1: Dial in by Browser

Click the “Dial In (Browser)” button in the sidebar. Orum will ask you for permissions to access your microphone. Once you give us access, wait until the sidebar says “Dialed In.”

Listen to the automated voice and type the code it says into your browser. Then press “Join.” You’ve now entered the waiting room.



Option 2: Dial in by Phone

Click the “See Alternate Option” button in the sidebar and Dial the number provided.

Listen to the automated voice and type the code it says into your browser. Then press “Join.” You’ve now entered the waiting room.

Note: Do NOT dial in with a VOIP dialer like RingCentral, Outreach/Salesloft’s dialer, Dialpad, etc.



Now begin dialing by pressing the “Start” button in the main content area. You’ll see various prospects highlighted, and the color indicates the call’s current status:



See Link to Best practices (hyperlink to another document)

When a prospect connects, you’ll hear a beep and see important information about the person (e.g. name, title, LinkedIn URL, stage, etc.), pulled directly from your CRM. This info can be customized in the settings section (see “Settings” heading below) or on the report (if using SFDC).

Use this context to have a conversation:



Once finished, hit the “Disconnect” button to end the conversation. You’ll be put back into the waiting room so you can continue dialing. You can then select a disposition/sentiment and enter notes to log a call.

When you’re ready to dial the next batch of prospects, press “Resume”.

If you click the “Settings” tab, you can configure the list of fields you want to display from SalesLoft. Orum supports various prospect and account fields, including your custom fields, so you can have all the necessary context for your conversations.



At any time, you can view the “Analytics” tab to see a summary of your dials. You can analyze the dispositions you’ve selected over various time periods, see how long you’ve dialed/talked for, and get a breakdown of the call results (voicemails, failed, busy, dial trees, etc).


Questions and Support
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out at You can also visit our knowledge base at

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