Getting Started with Salesloft

Integrating Orum with SalesLoft can streamline your sales processes and boost your team's efficiency. Whether you're an admin or a sales representative, this guide will help you seamlessly set up the Orum-SalesLoft integration.

1. Create Call Dispositions

For Admins

To make the most of your analytics, consider setting up new Call Dispositions and Sentiments in Salesloft. These custom categories allow you to categorize and track prospect interactions accurately.

To get started, you can even use our recommended best practice guide and follow this guide on how to set them up in Salesloft.

2. Create Automation Rules

For Admins:

We recommend creating Automation Rules in SalesLoft to automatically remove prospects from Cadences when specific conditions are met. This ensures that your outreach is always relevant and timely. Here are some examples of automation rules:

IF a prospect is disqualified (Sentiment = Bad Fit):

  • Remove them from all Cadences.
  • Set Lead Status to Disqualified.

IF a meeting is booked (Sentiment = Meeting Booked):

  • Remove the prospect from all Cadences.
  • Set Lead Status to In Progress.

IF a prospect is interested (Sentiment = Interested):

  • Remove the prospect from all Cadences.
  • Set Lead Status to In Progress.
  • Add them to the Hot Leads - Interested Cadence.

IF a prospect has no good # (Sentiment = Wrong Phone # AND Mobile Phone = Blank):

  • Remove the prospect from all Cadences.
  • Add them to the Email Only Cadence.
  • OR add a Tag to the prospect: “Failed Number.”

These automation rules will help ensure that your prospects receive the appropriate follow-up and that your outreach remains effective.

These are just examples, and you can customize your automation rules to match your specific sales process and goals. By implementing these rules, you can keep your Cadences well-organized and maintain a high level of engagement with your prospects.

3. Apply Sequence/Cadence Best Practices

For Admins:

Outbound Sequences/Cadences are at the core of your sales efforts, and how you approach them can significantly impact your pipeline generation and revenue. Consider these best practices:

a. Segment Your Audience: Tailor your Cadences to specific audience segments. Personalization increases engagement.

b. A/B Test Your Messaging: Experiment with different messaging and track which approaches yield the best results.

c. Set Follow-up Cadences: Define follow-up cadences to maintain consistent contact without overwhelming prospects.

d. Track and Analyze: Continuously monitor your Cadence performance and adjust based on data and feedback.

By incorporating these best practices into your Cadences, you can maximize the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and drive better results.

4. Completing the Recommended Admin Setup Guide

For Admins:

To ensure a seamless integration between Orum and Salesloft, follow our recommended setup guide.

This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to configure settings, mappings, and permissions to make the most of the integration.

4. Prepare your Sequences and Tasks

For Admins and Reps:

In Orum, you can call prospects who have a due call task in a Cadence, or a due One-Off Task. This means that your Cadences and tasks play a crucial role in your calling workflow.

a. Review Your Cadences: Take a few minutes to review your Cadences. Ensure that they are up-to-date and aligned with your current sales strategy.

b. Check Task Due Dates: Verify that the due dates for call tasks within your Cadences are accurate. This ensures that you are calling prospects at the right time.

c. Prioritize Tasks: Before starting your calling session, review your tasks and prioritize them. Focus on higher-priority tasks, such as hot leads or follow-ups, to maximize your calling time.

d. Make Your Dials: Start making your dials using Orum. As you make calls, the call tasks will be completed automatically, and prospects will progress through the Cadence.

By preparing your Cadences and tasks, you can make the most of your dialing sessions, engage with prospects effectively, and maintain an organized workflow.

5. Making Your First Dial

For Admins and Reps:

Now that you've set up your Salesloft integration with Orum, it's time to make your first dial. Learn how to use Orum's dialer options and start connecting with your prospects. Check out our separate article on Making Your First Dial to get started.

With these steps completed, you'll be well-equipped to leverage the Salesloft integration with Orum effectively.

Your sales team can call from segmented lists, and automations will help maintain the accuracy of your prospect data. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for guidance.

Happy selling!

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