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Welcome to Orum! Let’s get started.


Orum recommends that you use the Chrome Browser for the best results with calling.



First, before logging in to Orum via Google, log into your Google email account using the internet browser you will be utilizing when operating Orum. (For example, you cannot log into Google in Firefox and then login to Orum using Chrome. You need to use the same browser for both logins.)


Hint: Your Gmail account must be a Business Gmail. You can create a business Gmail account here. You must have permission to Upload CSV files into Google Drive. See more Info here.


Next, after you have logged into Google, click on “New Tab” in your browser. In this new tab, go to

Once the page has loaded, click on LOGIN in the upper right of the Browser.

You should now see these login options:

Login Options - Orum


Select “Log in with Google.” You should then see a screen asking to verify the account you wish to access. If you are logged in to more than one Google account, you can choose the correct account. If the correct account is not showing, please choose, “Use another account” and follow the login and permission prompts.


You should now be logged in to Orum and Google in two separate tabs within the same browser.

Now that you are logged in correctly, there are a few initial steps that must be completed before you can start dialing.

Add Call Dispositions

For Google users, you must set up your Call Dispositions before you start dialing the first time.

Navigate to the “Settings” link at the top of the Orum browser app. After you click on Settings you will see the screen shown below from which you can map the built in “Causes” on the left side to “Dispositions” on the right side. Make sure to save your results.

First, Add Dispositions that will help you track the outcomes of different scenarios depending upon if the person is interested or similar. See the pictures below that show where to add new dispositions, then Save your results.

You will see the screen shown below and you can map the built in “Causes” on the left side to “Dispositions” on the right side. Save your results.

Load a List into Orum using Google Drive

To start dialing in Orum, you and your team will need to upload your own individual lists. Orum's Google integration does not support sharing lists between users. 

To load a list, you should see a simple screen like the image below:

Load Google List


Orum will use simple Google CSV files with personal contact records to make your calls. You should have a file with rows for names of people and columns such as Email, Job Title, Company, and of course Phone. A "LinkedIn" column populated with prospect URLs can also be added (more information on this in the green box below).

  • Max number of rows is 2500. Any beyond that will not be imported.
  • Max total size of the CSV file is 20 MB.
  • There is no limit on the number of columns or number of uploads.
  •  These headers are all case-insensitive.
  • Other constraints: headers cannot be empty, and headers must be unique.
  • Please be careful of colons throughout your chosen CSV spreadsheet ( : ). Especially when used in the name or phone number columns, these can cause CSV files to not load in Orum and will error out

We recommend following these best practices when formatting your lists: 

  1. For names, label the column header "First Name" & "Last Name," or just "Name" if your column has first and last names in it
  2. For Account Name, use the column header "Company"
  3. For Title, use the column header "Title"
  4. For Email addresses, use the column header "Email"
  5. If you want to use the LinkedIn pop-up, make sure your column header contains “LinkedIn” in the title (i.e. “LinkedIn URL”, “LinkedIn Profile”)
  6. Phone fields must have “Phone" in the title and exist as individual columns. (i.e. Mobile Phone, Office Phone, Home Phone)

You can load a list with either the Full Name or the First Name, Last Name in separate columns. Both formats work in Orum.

Users can also create a column titled "LinkedIn" and list prospect LinkedIn URLs.  When activated, Orum can automatically open the LinkedIn URL when a user connects to a prospect.  Please reference this knowledge article to activate Orum's auto-open LinkedIn functionality.

If your list is ready to load, click on the Search Area to upload your first Google Sheet with contact information.

If it's a US number, you should be fine to just use the area code seven-digit phone number, e.g., 1234567890. If it's international, you should do +country code phone number, e.g., +447975777666. As a side note, we will attempt to add a "+" if it isn't there, but it's not as reliable.


Hint: You must upload your list, even if it is already in your Google Drive. If your sheet is already in Google Drive, simply download it as a CSV file and then upload it again. This gives Orum the ability to directly manage your lists for you in Google Drive.


You will see a prompt screen to load your list into Google.


If you have already loaded a list into Google during a prior Orum session, you can type in the first few letters of the list’s name in the search area and select the list.

Once your desired list has been selected, you should begin to see the Leads information plus all of the other fields that were shown in your original Google list upload.


Choose a Call From Number

On the lower left side, you can either call from the default phone number shown in the box or select a new phone number to call from.

To select a new phone number, click the (+) sign, enter a prefix number (in the US, an Area Code), and then choose one of the numbers displayed. Please note that numbers are not available in all calling prefixes. Orum will assign this number to you and you can continue to dial from this number in the future.


Create a Voicemail message (Optional)


Voicemail may not appear as an option in your account. You can add voicemail by upgrading your Orum account.


On the left side, where is shows “Voicemail,” click the small plus sign (+) next to Voicemail to add a new message. You can record the voicemail directly in Orum, Or You can provide a phone number for Orum to call you and create a recorded message.



Hint: You can create more than one voicemail for different calling purposes and lists. Then, when you start a dialing session, you can choose the right voicemail for that session.

Set Auto Detect Features (Optional)

Under the Parallel Dialing setting on the left side, there are checkboxes to select what happens when the system detects an Auto Answer message or a Dialing Tree. The option settings allow you to leave a voicemail automatically in the case of an Auto Answer message and/or to Skip Dialing Trees.


Ready to Dial!

Are your ready to dial now? Click to see the Start Dialing help article!

More on using Orum …

At any time, you can view the “Analytics” tab to see a summary of your dials. You can analyze the dispositions you’ve selected over various time periods, see how long you’ve dialed/talked, and get a breakdown of the call results (voicemails, failed, busy, dial trees, etc).




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