Browser-based or phone dialing

Orum supports two platforms for outbound dialing to Prospects:

  1. Dialing using your computer or browser
  2. Dialing using your phone

Computer or Browser-based dialing

Computer or browser-based dialing is the process of utilizing your internet connection to make a call. If you have ever used Google Voice, you have used a computer dialing solution. When you use a computer, you are calling via the internet, allowing you to plug your headphones directly into your computer.

With computer or browser-based dialing, your calls will be placed using your computer’s audio devices.


  • Convenience: Users can plug their headphones or headset direction into the computer if they wish to make a call
  • Scalable: Users can leverage Voice when they have an internet connection, but don’t have a landline, or a very strong cell signal


  • Quality: The overall quality of the call depends on your connection. Calling using a computer requires a reliable internet connection for good call quality. This includes both your connection speed and connection quality; therefore, optimal call quality requires specific network configurations to be met
  • Orum recommends using a wired network connection. Poor Bluetooth connections can cause audio degradation.

When first placing a call using the computer-based dialing method, Orum will request permission to access your microphone through your browser. You will need to allow microphone access to make calls via your computer.



Phone dialing

Dialing via a phone leverages your landline or mobile number to make outbound calls from Orum. This is an excellent option to consider if your internet connection is on the slower side or unstable.

Please note:  By utilizing the dial-in-by-phone option, you will be subject to any terms, conditions, or fees that your carrier has in place.**


  • Quality - The call quality is what you would expect from a mobile phone or landline because this method leverages traditional telco (hard lines) and cell towers.
  • Convenience - Users can use their headphones or headset that connects to their landline or mobile phone.


  • Quality Depends on Service Coverage. Poor coverage could lead to poor call quality.

Note: Using a VOIP phone on top of an existing computer-based method is not recommended as this adds additional delay and there may be some feature incompatibility between systems. Only use a Mobile for Landline to dial in.


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