Understanding Connect: Conversation Ratios



“Connects” in Orum are based on the settings you have mapped in the “Settings Tab”, under Connect Disposition.

Connects should be defined as speaking to the intended prospect.

Note: It is absolutely critical that reps are trained to mark dispositions accurately. Your disposition strategy should be highly granular, with very little room for ambiguity. For advice, reach out to your primary CSM.


Conversations:  Conversation = connect or meeting disposition, greater than 60s duration

Short connect = connect or meeting disposition, less than 60s duration

Bridged: Parallel dialed calls where Orum detected a human and bridged the rep to speak with the prospect

Connect: Conversation Rate - 20% Baseline

This is calculated as the number of Conversations divided by the number Connects.

With benchmarks in Analytics, Orum will automatically flag if your conversation ratios are below 20% and note anything above 60% as excellent performance.

This measures the rep's ability to convert Connects into Conversations. When reviewing usage, customers should aim for a baseline of 20%. If reps are below 20%, this can mean a few things.

  1. In Parallel Dialing, the rep is struggling with the Bridge. Training the rep on reading real-time text, anticipating a Connect, and speaking quickly after the beep is key.

  2. Reps feel unprepared and/or don’t have the information needed to execute the conversation.

  3. Reps that are new to cold calling and require training on their “opener”. For example, when encountering common opener objections like “I’m busy, call me back / send me an email”.


Shoot for 20% as a baseline is a best practice.


Studies show 30% for new users and/or if the targets are hard to cold call, like engineering/security or even marketing personas is normal. Teams who have been the most successful use best practices (reading real-time text, using scripts, writing down pre-call research into fields, etc) consistently hit above 60%.


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