Call History Page

Call History is a feature that allows users and admins to review the history of all the calls placed in Orum.


On the Call History page, you can:

  • View prospect information, log dispositions for previous calls, and review notes.  
  • Get detailed information on the outcome of each call.
  • Use Filters to search a prospect by name or number, filter by list, by rep, call type, connected/not connected, disposition, and coaching notes. 


Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of Call History
  2. Call Details
  3. Filters



Overview of Call History


What is Call History?

Call History allows users and admins to track their calls in Orum. Here you can see who made the call, the name of the prospect dialed along with their job title and the account associated, the dispositions logged with each call, your coaching notes and personal notes. Filters allow you to get specific about the information you are looking for.





Call Details


How can I get detailed information about a call I've made?

You will look for the call details icon to the left of the Rep name on the Call History page. Once selected, a window will appear from the right side of your dashboard.





In the call details panel, you can not only see your prospect's information along with any notes but also the list they are associated with and the call from used to contact them.



I need to share a copy of a recording, where do I find it?

  • With the call details panel open, you will look in the upper right corner to copy the link for the recording, download the record, and open the recording in a new tab in your web browser








What are filters?

Filters in call history enable you to get detailed information quickly without having to comb through every single call. Under filters, you can search a prospect by name or number, filter by list, by rep, call type, connected/not connected, disposition, and coaching notes.

**Please note-- the maximum time period that analytics or call history can be pulled up for is capped at 3 months.**


Filter_Options.png               Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_12.35.32_PM.png


How do I filter by dispositions?

  • On the left-hand side of Call History, you will see the ability to filter by dispositions. To see your filter options, select "Dispositions" to open the drop-down menu. There are 5 disposition filter categories where each disposition will be grouped based on their associated call type: Connect, Meeting, Unanswered, Other (e.g. No Disposition), List Intelligence.

    Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_1.58.39_PM.png                        Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_12.42.26_PM.png


How do I find my failed/ dial tree calls?

  • On the left-hand side of Call History, Select the Disposition drop-down menu, and then scroll down to "List Intelligence Dispositions". 

Screenshot__21_.png                          List_Intelligence.png


Is there a way that I can filter by the lists a rep is calling on?

  • Yes.  By using the "LIST" drop-down shown below, users can filter call history by the individual list that was being called on.


***Currently, you will need to export call history data from your CRM rather than from Orum.***


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