Creating a Call Recording Field in Salesforce

Creating a Call Recording Field in Salesforce

In order to record calls inside Salesforce, Orum needs a field on the Task object to map to. This is where call recording links will be stored.

While some clients use pre-existing fields that are not being utilized, we recommend creating a specific field for the purposes of storing the call link.

Below is a step by step guide of how to create that field.

  1. Switch to SFDC Classic mode


  1. On the left hand menu bar, under the “Build” section, click “Customize”


  1. Under “Customize”, click “Activities”. Then click “Activity Custom Fields”.


  1. In the center of your screen, click “New”.


  1. In the list of options below, pick “Text”.


  1. Fill out the information about the field and click “Next” in the bottom right corner.


  1. Make sure that the “Visible” check box is marked for all appropriate permission sets.


  1. Check the box marked “Task Layout” and click “Save”.


  1. And you should now see this field on the Task object layout! Make sure to keep a copy of the API Name!


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