Call Disposition Report

Orum writes all activity to SFDC, allowing you to build reports and dashboards. The report that will help you get the most out of Orum is the “Call Disposition Report.” This shows what types of calls occurred and how many of each type, segmented by user.

SDR’s can quickly figure out which leads to scrub, enrich, or remove from a list.

To create this report in SFDC:

  1. Go to Reports and Create New Report

  2. Choose Activities

  3. Choose Report Type: Tasks and Events and Create

  4. Make sure Show is set to “all activities”, “Open & completed Tasks”, and “Tasks and Events”

  5. Set the date range to your choosing. “This Week”, “Last Week”, and “Last 30 days” are commonly selected options. You can create multiple reports for multiple time periods.

  6. Add a Subject filter for contains “[Orum]”.


  1. Choose “Summary Format” next to the word “Preview”.

  2. Drag over “Assigned” from the sidebar to the main content area.


  1. Run & Save Report

  2. Celebrate! You now have list intelligence.

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