Phone Field - Dialing Options


Phone Field - Dialing Options


What is the phone field in dialing options:

Selects which phone field to call from.



Orum will recognize all the phone fields that exist on a contact/lead in Salesforce

Selects which phone number in SalesForce (phone, mobile, etc) you’d like to dial. You do not need to put the phone field in the report. Orum will detect all available phone fields on a lead/contact.

Orum will recognize all the phone fields that exist on a contact/lead

Best practices on phone field?

Phone should always be the best direct dial, other than Mobile. SalesForce has two native fields for these, however it is best practices to create a third phone field on the lead record for the HQ line. This is mapped to the account phone field when converting the lead into a contact. If you follow this best practice, reps can reduce the amount of receptionists and dial-tree’s they encounter, by segmenting those #'s to the HQ phone field and keeping the Phone/Mobile fields for direct #s



How do I prioritize numbers in Outreach?

When selecting a phone field, we will always prioritize the first number. If a number is marked red, we will skip that number and call the next one. If a number is marked green, we will call that number first regardless of order.

Best practices for prioritizing Phone fields in Outreach?

Always mark bad #'s red. Using Orum’s analytics and call history, Reps should narrow down on failed calls and once determined they are bad, mark the # red - versus deleting the record. Deleting the record leads to reps adding back in bad data again later, do not fall for this commons sales ops mistake.

When finding the best direct dial, mark that # green. You can use Orum’s list intelligence and cal history to find calls that went to a VM name match, confirm via listening to the recording.

When sequencing a record for the first time, pay special attention to the order of the #'s. Often the HQ phone is first, if so, order the #'s to have that last.



Orum supports the 3 native Salesloft Phone fields. They can be added, removed, or modified from the Phone Field - Dialing Options portion of the DIALER page in Orum.  Other phone fields such as VoiP are also available.

You can make additional custom phone fields in SalesLoft and dial on those in Orum. Just make sure the new fields you create contain the word "phone" in them and Orum will recognize them as phone fields to dial.




Below is how this looks in Salesloft. Keep in mind if you want Orum to dial an extension, you will want to select the Office Phone field and have an extension inside the EXT box.


For Extensions, This Box Must be Filled

***Orum should not be redialing the same number for the same prospect despite it being listed twice. Support has seen in the past that there are some exceptions to this which can relate to automation settings, a disposition that is chosen, disposition settings, etc. Please contact support should this symptom occur!***


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