Subject: This article serves to help users understand what filters are available for each integration, and how to sort their call lists. 

1.) What does filter do?

2.) What fields can I filter on?

3.) What fields can I sort by?

4.) How do I sort by account name?

5.) Outreach and SFDC - specific configurations





Filter Button



What does Filter do?

By clicking the “Filter” button, you can apply various filters to limit which prospects to dial.

You can also sort by fields.


What fields can I filter on?



Outreach Filter Options





Salesloft Filter Options



With SFDC, the filter is something you set up manually with your CSM. We require the API name for the field you wish you filter by. Popular fields to filter by are timezone, lead status, states, vertical, and campaigns.


In addition to the API Name, please send the Orum Team the specific Salesforce object the field is associated with (Lead, Contact, etc.)"




What fields can I sort by?



Outreach Sort Options




Salesloft Sort Options



In the filter button, you will see the ability to “sort”. The sort feature will show all the fields on the report, which you can select to sort either ascending/descending, A-Z/Z-A, respectively.


How do I sort by account name?

In Salesloft/Outreach, navigate to the black filter button. Click it and navigate to “Sort”. The account name is in the drop-down, you may have to scroll to see it.

In the SFDC version, as long as the account name is in the report, it will show up in the sort options.

Where do the Time Zone and Current Time Fields Pull from in filtering


Where do the Time Zone and Current time fields pull from in Filtering?

The Time Zone specific filter references only the time zone fields pulled in from the CRM.

The Current Time is filter:

  • First, we’ll check any “time zone” fields we can get from the list to determine the prospect's time zone
  • If no time zone fields exist or that field is empty, we’ll use the area code of the phone number to determine the time zone. This will not be accurate for people whose area code may not reflect where they actually live, but we cannot track a person’s cell phone location. 


If users have the timezone filter, there's no longer a drop down for them to select timezones from. Easiest way to figure out how to type in the time zone, is to find the timezone column in the call list> copy the timezone format directly from here and paste it in the timezone filter box, and boom the filter works perfectly. Simply typing in MST, EST etc, won't work




Outreach Time Zone Must Be on Prospect

The TimeZone filter comes from Outreach’s API.

The Outreach timezone is located on the prospect record. This is not the same as inferred time from other systems, like SFDC or the “Local Time”

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