Connect Screen


Connect Screen

How do I know I got connected?

When a prospect connects, you’ll hear a beep and the screen will change. You will see important information about the person (e.g. name, title, LinkedIn URL, stage, etc.) based on your setup.

Can they hear the beep?

No, this is rep side audio only. The prospect will not hear a beep, so it is important to speak quickly after being connected to avoid dropped calls.

What does the list button do?

The List button takes you from the Connect Screen back to the List View

What does the view button do?

The view button takes the user to prospects page in the respective CRM

What does redial do?

This button will redial the prospect. The phone call is live (no delay). This is a standard best practice if you are hung up during parallel dialing is to promptly redial. Your chance of connecting is much higher.

What does resume do?

This button will resume dialing.

How do I log my call? / Where do Dispositions come from?

Upon a connect, Orum will provide a dropdown for selecting a disposition.


There is a setup involved that requires you provide us your dispositions.


We pull from the API to provide dispositions.

Salesloft  20220101A_Partner_Program_Badges_Select.png

We pull from the API to provide dispositions & Sentiments.

Can I edit the fields?

If a field is editable in your CRM, you will see a EDIT button to the right of the selected field.

How do I change what fields show up when I am connected?


The fields come from the report (hyperlink to support article)

Outreach & Salesloft

This is done in the settings tab. (hyperlink to support article)

Can I create a follow up task in Orum?


In Salesloft, there is not an option to currently create a follow up task



Task Button: Allows you to Create a Task in Outreach

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