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What is Blacklist?

Blacklisting is a feature that will allow a user to block Orum from calling a specific number. Keep in mind this will NOT blacklist the prospect. If you blacklist a # that is shared across records, Orum will also skip those prospects if the phone field you’ve selected contains it.

You also have the option of only blacklisting it for parallel dialing, so you can always dial a # in the power dialer.

Best practices for Blacklist?

Blacklist is primarily used for wrong phone numbers and receptionists. It is best practice to blacklist every receptionist you encounter, as their job is to pick up the phone and that can lead to hanging up on other calls which could be direct dials. You will also select "Don’t blacklist in Powerdialer’, so you have the ability to call them using that feature.

"Don't Blacklist for PowerDialing" lets you Call Them in the PowerDialer


Can I un blacklist?

Yes. Orum will grey out contacts on your list as “blacklisted”, you will be able to click 'unblacklist"

How does this impact my CRM?

Blacklisting is unique to Orum and will not affect the CRM system it’s connected to.

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