How to make your first dial

Now that you've configured Orum for your specific platform, let's go over some general Dialer setup and make your first dial. 

This setup may differ slightly depending on your integration of choice.

We strongly recommend using a wired headset to dial within Orum as it is our official method for dialing. Bluetooth connections will be prone to disconnect with the Dialer. 

Orum’s Dialers

In Orum, you’ll have access to three different types of dialing functionality. All of these come with the added support of an AI detector to help filter bad numbers, navigate dial trees, and connect to a real person.

  1. Power Dialer: Perfect for those who want to control their speed by dialing down their lists one at a time
  2. Parallel Dialer: Perfect for those who want to speed up their dialing by calling multiple numbers at once and leveraging Orum’s AI and automation to drop voicemails and bridge them to a connect
  3. Click-to-call: Perfect for those strategic calls to specific prospects in your list

No matter what you are using, this guide will take you through the dialing options you’ll need to first set up to make the most out of Orum.

Navigating to the dialer

To get to the dialer, go to the top-nav and select ‘Dialer’. For this guide, we will be focusing on the options menu in the left sidebar.

Search for lists, reports, or a specific prospect

To start dialing, you can search for a specific list or report using the search field at the top of the dialer options.

Depending on your integration, you will also be able to select a list for ‘All due call tasks’ and ‘sequence tasks’ for your list.

After making your selection, the dialer page will automatically load your chosen prospects.

Configure phone fields

By configuring your phone fields, you will be able to prioritize which of your prospects’ phone numbers you’d like to call first. We recommend always prioritizing mobile phone numbers as opposed to work phone or home phone. However, this may be different due to your specific strategy.

Select your number of dials

Orum allows you complete flexibility by easily shifting between power and parallel dialers.

To activate power dialing, choose to dial from a single number.

To activate parallel, choose to call multiple numbers at once. We recommend starting with 3-4 dials at a time.

Configure automation rules

You can further customize Orum’s engine to help you automate your dialing experience by turning on or off specific automation rules:

  • Auto detect and leave or skip VMs
  • Auto detect and skip dial trees
  • Ato skip after 30 sec of ringing
  • Auto skip busy or failed falls
  • Silence ring tone

Configure call-from numbers

To maximize your chances of getting connects, we recommend adding as many call-from numbers as possible.

These are numbers that will appear on your prospects’ Caller ID.

We recommend choosing recognizable area codes and making sure to rotate between them throughout the week. 

Region Recommended Call From Area Codes
Midwest 314 (St. Louis), 313 (Detroit), 773 (Chicago),
312 (Chicago), 701 (Bismarck, ND)  
Northeast 332/646/718/917 (New York), 201/973 (New Jersey)
617/857 (Boston), 413 (Springfield), 412 (Pittsburg),  
215 (Philadelphia), 401 (Rhode Island)  
South 713 (Houston), 512 (Austin), 972 (Dallas),
305/786/645 (Miami), 813 (Tampa), 207 (Orlando),  
404/770 (Atlanta), 919 (Raleigh, NC)  
West 303/720 (Denver), 385/435 (Salt Lake City)
510/650/408 (SF Bay Area), 425 (Bellevue WA),  
213/818/310/424 (LA), 949/714 (Orange County)  



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