Troubleshooting Mic, Audio, and Video


This troubleshooting article addresses audio and microphone steps when using Orum

As a best practice, we suggest using the Chrome browser.  Please confirm that you are using the latest version prior to attempting the steps below.

Orum recommends the use of wired headsets if possible. Wireless headsets may cause poor audio quality due to connectivity issues between the device and your system.


**Step 1: please run the Pre-Call Test on the TokBox website**


Microphone Troubleshooting:

1) Please check that audio is enabled for Orum in your browser.

You can click the little Lock icon in your URL bar when on



2) Microphone Icon - Right side of the address bar

Is the microphone shown in the dropdown the correct one you are attempting to speak to prospects with? If not, select the correct one.



3) You can test if Orum is receiving audio by looking at the volume bar. If you ever see this bar NOT pick up audio, that means Orum is not receiving it.




Additional Troubleshooting Steps For Mac Users:

  1. From the tab in your browser, click "log out" in the top right corner.
  2. Close all browser tabs and windows.  (Please make sure browser application stops running completely)
  3. From your Mac's main tool bar on the top, please use the following navigation path to pull up your computer's sound configuration:
    • "Apple Logo" (in the top left of your screen) > System Preferences > Sound
  4. From the new small "Sound" window that comes up, please select the "INPUT" tab in the middle.  Check to see that your headset/microphone device is listed and highlighted.
  5. Open a Google Chrome Incognito Browser window and log in to Orum.  You should now be able to "dial in via browser" and use your headset/microphone device.

Audio Troubleshooting:

1) Refresh the Dial In Browser Connection.  

Orum's Dial In Browser connection can occasionally need to be refreshed.  Please log out of Orum then log back.  This will allow you to reconnect to the Dial In Browser Waiting Room.

2) Incognito Window

In some cases, residual cookies and cache data can get in the way of clear audio connections.  Please start by logging out of Orum and closing the browser tab. 

A simple step to attempt is to click the triple dots in the top of your Chrome browser and open a New Incognito Window



From this Incognito Window, log back in to Orum and connect back in to the Dial In Waiting Room.  Continue using Orum as per normal and see whether or not the audio improves.



Video Troubleshooting:

Check that video is enabled for Orum in your browser.

You can click the 'lock icon' near the start of URL bar to check if your video has been enabled.



Ensure Video Icon - Right side of the address bar.

Is the video shown in the dropdown the correct one you are attempting to use? If not, select the correct one.



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