Supported Salesforce Reports

It’s important to understand the type of Salesforce Reports that Orum supports.

What type of reports does Orum Support?

Below is a list of Salesforce Reports Orum officially supports. Click on the specific report to learn more from Salesforce’s Help Center.

Salesforce Leads and Contact Reports will be the most common reports you will dial from.

Before dialing, you should coordinate with your sales teams to understand which specifically you want to dial from: leads or contacts. That way, you’ll be set up for success.

🔥 Orum Tip
For Managers. By dialing down Activity Reports with either leads or contacts, you’ll be able to generate additional Salesforce Reports based on ‘Call Activity’ for your team. 

🚨 Opportunity Reports will load-in if you’ve designated at least one custom phone field on the Opportunity object. However, we do not recommend this approach.

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